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Customer Contract for Container Service

Our Commitment of Service:

Great Rate Container Service, LLC agrees to furnish the non-hazardous solid waste collection and disposal services and equipment specified in the Customer Invoice, provided electronically, and Customer agrees to make payments as provided for herein by the terms and conditions of this agreement.

Waste Material:

Great Rate Container Service, LLC will dispose of any non-hazardous waste material that the customer places with in the container provided. Our service does not include the disposal of hazardous waste material, however, and therefore the customer will be responsible and agrees to pay any fines or penalties incurred if hazardous material is disposed of in the container provided by Great Rate Container Service. Hazardous material is defined but not limited to: any substance that is toxic, ignitable, reactive, corrosive, acidic, radioactive, volatile, highly flammable, explosive, bio-medical or infectious and that is regulated by any local, state, or United States government agencies. Some examples of common haz-mat items are oils, gas, asbestos, car batteries, and lead paint.

Liability for Equipment:

The customer acknowledges that it has the care, custody, and control of equipment owned by Great Rate Container Service, LLC, and accepts responsibility for the equipment and its contents. Therefore, Customer expressly agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Great Rate Container Service from and against any and all claims for loss of or damage to property, or injury to or death of persons resulting from or arising in any manner out of Customer's use, operation or possession of any equipment furnished under this agreement.

Damage to Personal Property, Private Roadways, Pavement, Curbing, Grass, or Other Related Surfaces:

The customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Great Rate Container Service, LLC, against any and all liability including attorneys fees for damages to but not limited to the customer's property, private roadways, pavement, curbing, grass or other related surfaces caused by Great Rate Container Service, LLC, in the performance of services. This clause will also include any surface markings made by Great Rate Container Service's (or its subcontractor's) vehicle or by a container upon delivery of said empty, unloaded weight of container, or removal of the customer's loaded weight of said container per customer's request for service. Customer agrees and accepts these terms of service as binding by signing this agreement.

Cancellation Policy:

All cancellations are subject to a 25% processing fee. 

To avoid further charges, all cancellations must be performed 48 hours in advance of service (ie delivery of container). If the container service is cancelled less than 48 hours of scheduled service, cancellation fee will be $250 or the quoted rate of container, whichever amount is greater.

Terms of Service:

The agreed upon pricing allows for container use for an agreed upon number of days (regardless of the time of day of delivery and time of removal), the delivery of container and the removal and disposal of non-hazardous waste. After agreed upon rental period, a rental fee will be charged and a separate invoice will be issued to the customer. Customer should call Great Rate Container Service, LLC, if rental period needs to be extended beyond the removal date stated on the original invoice or if customer would like the container picked up before this date. Please be aware that if a container is inaccessible at the time of removal, customer will be charged rent and a trucking fee for the time the truck and driver spend attempting removal. Great Rate Container Service, LLC, understands that having your container removed is just as important as having it delivered. We strive to do this in a timely manner. However sometimes due to complications beyond our control, we may be delayed to remove the container on the day that they are scheduled for. 

The weight of the customer's waste material is a comprehensive part of the overall cost for service. The initial cost of the container and invoice associated with this initial cost may or may not include a certain total weight agreed to and prepaid by the customer.  Any ton or fractions of a ton of waste material beyond the weight included in the initial invoice will incur a pro-rated overweight fee which will be charged to the customer. If customer has chosen our special price that does not include weight in the initial cost, then the waste disposal invoice will reflect the total weight of container's contents. There is a surcharge for tires: $20 for each tire placed in the container. Overweight fee in excess of 8 tons is $150.00 per ton pro rated.

By accepting a container delivery or any other related services from Great Rate Container Service, LLC, the customer agrees to pay any and all invoices including late fees, finance charges, attorney fees and any collection costs incurred. No signature is needed on this contract, customer agree's and understands that by providing their credit card information to Great Rate Container Service, LLC, That we will charge said customers credit card, to provide the customer for the delivery date they requested. Great Rate Container Service, LLC, will provide any and all invoices electronically to customer. There will be no service to accounts that hold a past due balance. Furthermore, there will be a 18.95% interest rate finance charge on the balance of accounts that are 3 days past due, with 18.95% interest accruing in the months thereafter. All prices subject to change without notice.

The customer will not be notified when we charge their credit or bank account for fees due. However, Great Rate Container Service, LLC, will provide the customer with an invoice that will explain the charges. Please have funds in your account to cover any fees. If there are no funds in the account on file, the customer will be charged a fee for each 'insufficient funds' occurrence.

During the winter months, customer agrees to have container delivered and placed on pavement or hard packed gravel. Customer also agrees to keep the container free of ice and snow, and accessible to the truck at scheduled time of removal, if the container is inaccessible, the customer will be charged rent  until the time when the container can be removed, and may also be charged a service fee to cover labor plus fuel.

Great Rate Container Service, LLC has the right to reject and/or return any load containing hazardous materials of any type and any and all accounts with open balances over 14 days past due.

This contracted agreement assures the customer the same level of service and creates precedence for future transactions between customer and Great Rate Container Service, LLC: this contract is good for one calendar year before needing renewal.


The Rate for Your Container Is:  $199 for a 30 yard dumpster for 1 week and 6 cents a pound

The rate that we have agreed to for the forthcoming service and associated invoice is $ 199 for a 30 yard dumpster for 1 week and 6 cents a pound. Please look for the electronic invoice that will be sent to this email address when your credit card is processed and delivery is scheduled. The invoice will describe the details of this level of rate and service.

By signing this agreement, the customer agrees to these terms of service and agrees to pay these separate charges. The customer understands that the credit card used to pay for the initial cost of service and initial invoice will be used to pay for these reasonable and predictable extra charges.

I understand that Great Rate Container Service may put a hold on my account of up to $1000 to cover waste disposal cost. 

I understand the terms and conditions of service. I accept financial responsibility personally for all liability and service changes incurred during time of service. No container will be delivered unless contract is signed by the customer and recieved by Great Rate Container Service LLC, . It is fully understood that signing the contract and returning said contract back to Great Rate Container Service, LLC, is the sole responsability of the customer. Any and all delay's of signed contract will be rescheduled at Great Rate Container Service, LLC, earliest Time Frame

I Charles W Briggs do authorize Great Rate Container Service, LLC, to charge my credit card type Visa, ending credit card number of 5069 for any and all charges incurred during the time of services , supplied to me by Great Rate Container Service.


Signed on 09/17/2015 08:43AM
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